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Unlike laser that puts off a range from 300-800 watts or more, the LB uses a Xenon light that heats the ink and at its highest setting is only 30 watts.

The LB also has a powerful magnet at the tip of the device.

After pulsing the desired wattage and length of time the skin will typically blister in 1-2 days.

Some of the ink will come up through the scab from the blister, some of the ink will be disposed through the body.

The LB works on about 70% of people.

Ink is removed in pea to dime size areas.

May take multiple sessions depending on size of tattoo.

The white Xenon light is is no stronger than a flashlight on a key chain.

$95.00 per procedure (for a limited time)

8-10 spots no matter the size of the tattoo

Time between treatments is generally 30 - 45 days

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